Merci a MSKnight pour les sources de ce site, voici les licenses : Dropcalc Engine - V4

Programmed by Michelle Knight of
Default skin by Jam of
with help from PCPro32
Seven Signs "clock" by Daedalus.
Icons for skills and items used with permission from
IP Geographic data used with permission from
Lineage II icons and graphics are (c) NCSOFT corporation


Thanks to :

Virtuoso, Nic, Reya, KMK, Sodoku, ManO, PanFrie, CrazyCommie and all at iGO,
Law, HeXa, Fulminus, ceco78, ethann, sm4sh, miya, Cyberfox, Enforcer, makaron, MachZERO,
taneltm, vb2005, snakesk, kadar, ThePhoenixBird, shansoft, aresxp, Bjorkker, Paul Atrides,
Kmarty, Kion le Fou, TheSaint, LkMsWb, elachlan, Loup_Solitaire,
... and all at the L2J server and datapack teams ...
for the invaluable help with testing, ideas, digging up code and reference texts
and generally breaking the system while I was trying to write it ! :-)